Where Are We Going?

I have recently decided to turn an idea I have had for some time into a reality. As an academic and Christian I see an important need for the fusion of these two things, specifically for support, encouragement, and advice to those committed to these two historically adversarial callings. I do not mean an effort to be academic about Christianity or to be Christian about academic output. Rather I mean that there are important challenges and difficulties which we face as people who are both academics and Christians and that we would benefit from encouragement and support. I firmly believe that a person can be a devout Christian and rigorously rational and scientific.

Now that I’ve given you my statement of purpose, here is a list of topics that I hope will give you a better sense of where this undertaking is going. I don’t promise we will cover all of these topics, but they are all legitimate topics.

-the relationship between faith and reason as sources of truth

-how to lecture on topics which are contrary to your morality, but not your peers morality

-atheism as a worldview not a neutral position

-gaining prestige without falling into pride

-gaining prestige without suppressing the importance of God in your life

-how to evangelize in an academic setting (along with what is allowed)

-telling atheists from agnostics


For students:

-how to handle the problem of evil if challenged in the classroom

-how to handle being taught things contrary to the Bible

-how  to be properly open-minded

-finding a good mentor

-how to spot bad logic

-how to spot a worldview masquerading as reason or science


Examples of things you might think fit, but don’t:

-an essay on the history of christian thought in the west

-dating tips in college

-Calvinism vs Arminianism


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